One day in OurWorld game

One day I was so bored that I did not know what to do, so I jumped to Google to find some RP game to play. I searched something like “Best RP games” and I clicked one one video, I can not remember the name of video, but it was something like “20 best RP games”.

On the very beginning, I did not noticed any cool game, but I continue with watching. Video was going from the 20 to 1 and on number seven I noticed game called OurWorld. On first view, it was not something special, but I said to my self “Let’s Google it”, so I went on Google and research a little bit about game.

After a few minutes watching a videos about game and reading some articles on that theme I decided to create my account and start to playing. When I finish with that I was so strange for me, because it was my first time and  I did not know what to do first, where to go and other thing. Then some guy was trying to communicate with me and he explaind me how to play, what to do, how we can trade things and so on.

After a while I met so many people, but I could not play anymore, because my friend called me on skype and he wanted to play another game with me. We usually play CSGO, but I did not want to play that game today, I just wanted to play this game and have some fun. John asked me what game I am playing, when I can not play Counter Strike Global Offensive with him and I explaind to him, so he decided to give a shot like me.

While John was creating his player I went to buy something for eat. Today I did not want to eat stupid cheeseburger, so I bought pizza and Coca – Cola. How exciting, ha? Traveling back to home with bus, I heared some conversation between some guys, they were talking a game, so I was listening to them. It was nothing special, some LoL players talking about tournaments and so on. But after a 10 minutes – I think – they started to talking about game that they are playing and it was similar like game I started to play today. I came to them and asked them what is that game, so they told me that they are playing OurWorld and I was surprised how many people in my environment is playing this game and how crazy thay are about that. There are even gem codes that makes ourworld even better game to play!


When I came home, finally, I told to John about that situation and he was laughing so hard that was annoying to me. I asked him did he create that account and he said “Yes, do you know what happened?” I asked what and he told me that he find a girl and they are in cyber love. I was thinking that my John is out of his mind, but he is not. That is just commonly for game like this, to meet other people, get in love, going on parties, playing a games and other things.

When we finished with playing this game for that day and we played about 6 hours I do not know correctly and I went in bed to sleep. But I could not to fall in sleep, because I was thinking about game and how that game. Everyone who likes this types of game like OurWorld should give a shot and start to play and have some online fun with other people from all around the world.

What is latest from tech?

Short answer: Many things. Tech is very popular subject today,and its been increasing in popularity a lot in last 10 years since internet become must have! I will try to do my best,but I will need your help. If you want to write for me just email me,I will be more then happy to let you know about what.


I will try to cover mostly mobile games and things like that,and that is reason I will keep this post very short!


Actually,that is all for today! LOL


I will probably post my first REAL article in next few days,maybe even tommorow! Until then,have a great time using your favorite tech things and don’t forget to bookmark my website for more interesting things!